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Codemmunity is bringing together everything you love about programming, without the hassle of searching everywhere for it.
Active Community

With over 1,000 members, Codemmunity is an active, vibrant, and helpful community that is bring together everyone in the programming and S.T.E.M. communities!

Constant Events

Between Hackathons, Written Weeklies, Seminars, Voice Channels, and our Podcast, Codemmunity always has something going on for you.

Professional Seminars

Want to learn from an expert? Codemmunity offers seminars ranging in all sorts of topics from coding to resumes! Join a seminar or sign-up to host your own.

To-go Podcast

Take Codemmunity on the go! Our podcast features professionals telling their stories, explorations into different fields and languages, and community stories!

Fantastic Resources

We've compiled tons of amazing resources for you to take advantage of! You'll find info for almost every language, field, opportunity, and more!

A Place to be You

Codemmunity is about you. Be yourself and find others interested in the same topics as you! Get help, give help, cheer on, support, and laugh -- that's Codemmunity.

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