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CD:\PDCST features 3 different shows:
..\LEARN - Learn about new topics & fields
..\START - Hear how professionals got their start
..\CMNTY - User submitted content in Codemmunity

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Hear stories from professionals in Programming and S.T.E.M. about where they got their beginnings, learn about new topics and fields in S.T.E.M., send in your personal stories from your field, and get updates on what Codemmunity is up to each week!
S.T.E.M. & Programming

Learning topics, tricks of the trade, and how you can get started.

Experienced Creators

Hear from professionals & veterans in about their beginnings.

Project Showcase

Present your project to the world, explaining how and why you made it!

Codemmunity News

Hear stories from our users, updates to the Codemmunity, and more!